“The American Pit bull Terrier is one of the most aggressive and dangerous dogs in the world”

“90 percent of all dog attacks are caused by Pit bulls”

“Pit bulls are not family pets”

“Pit bulls will be a danger to your children”

Whether you believe the hype surrounding this breed or not, these negative statements have been wrongfully bashing this breed for centuries. The media seems to have a field day whenever there is a “Pit bull attack”.

First things first, we need to understand a few things before we judge this breed!

One of the biggest problems  is that many people still confuse the American Pit Bull Terrier for other common breeds such as:
American Bulldogs.
Cane Corso’s.
Presa Canerio’s.
Dogo Argentino’s.
Staffordshire Bull Terriers.
Bull Terriers and mixed breed dogs of any of the mentioned breeds.
This is a problem because in a situation where someone is attacked by a dog the identification of the breed is always left up to victim and witness testimony, and it is often very wrong. Because of  so much negative press, biting dogs of so many different breeds have been named as “Pit bulls”.
Id like to share a study with you
A 6-year study in Palm Beach was conducted over a number of years to show the most severe dog bites classified by breed ranking the top 10 breeds that caused the bites.
1988  the American Pit bull ranked 9th on the list causing 9 per cent of bites

1989  the American Pit bull ranked 5th causing 15 per cent of bites

1990  the American Pit bull ranked 5th causing 16 per cent of bites

1991  the American Pit bull ranked 9th causing 10 per cent of bites

1992  the American Pit bull ranked 2nd causing 20.4 per cent

1993  the American Pit bull ranked 5th causing 16 per cent of bites

in the 1992 study Cocker Spaniels came first on the list causing the most bites in that year, makes you think doesn’t it?

Another study was carried out by University of Pennsylvania animal behavior researchers in 2008 involving 6,000 dog owners  to determine which breeds were most likely  to bite. Dogs that came top of the list were:

Dachshunds ,Chihuahuas ,Jack Russells ,Cocker Spaniels ,Beagles

So why do Pit Bulls and other large breeds such as Rottweilers and Mastiffs get a bad name when they bite? because if a Dachshund or a Chihuahua bite you, you will not have an injury near as bad as the injury you would sustain if you were bitten by a large dog of any kind.

This does not make Pit Bulls agressive by nature, it makes them more dangerous if they were to bite you, and as i have seen by experience after being involved with many Pit Bulls in my life and by the many studies that have been carried out it is unlikely to happen.

Most dog owners and responsible breeders of any breed will agree with me when i say that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners!

Pit Bulls like any other dogs need love and attention, exercise and challenges and most importantly socialization and the correct discipline in order to guarantee you a happy, healthy and well balanced companion.

Because Pit Bulls were bred as a working breed they thrive on intense exercise, this is why Pit Bull enthusiasts came up with weight pulling. It is a great way of giving the dogs an intense work out and a challenge to help them work off any excess energy and to build up muscle and stamina.
Any dog who is locked up in a yard alone all day with inadequate exercise is going to develop behavioral and mental
issues. People are to quick to blame the dog when it becomes aggressive or out of control.
Pit Bulls have also been classified as fighting dogs due to the fact that some people use them for illegal fighting. These dogs do not naturally teach themselves to fight, they are brought up being forced and trained to fight. They spend their days chained up in a yard, being injected with steroids and other stimulants to gain muscle. They suffer tremendous injuries from being fought and if they did not fight back the opponent dog would kill them. Then they are murdered by their owners when they inevitably lose a fight one day. How is this the animals fault?
One of the greatest myths about Pit Bulls is that they are not good with other animals and children. This has been proven to be a result of lack of socialization and mental stimulation.
This breed has been banned in the UK and in some states in America, resulting in owners and breeders having to euthanize their beloved companions because of bad press and peoples ignorance, it is horrific and disturbing to think that we are slowely distroying one of the greatest breeds ever created.
I’m sure many of you have watched “The dog Whisperer” If you have you will remember Ceaser Mallans trusted companin “Daddy” a gorgeous and well natured Pit Bull that helped Ceaser correct and rehabilitate so many out of control and agressive dogs, ironic isn’t it? Daddy is my perfect example of the loving nature a Pit Bull is so capable of having if brought up in a loving home.
So before you bash this breed, think about how many of these dogs are in loving homes creating joy in their owners lives just like your breed of choice may be doing for you.

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